Ingo Ronkholz - Beyond the Image

What motivates a young painter to turn his back on painting and apply his efforts to sculpture? In the case of Ingo Ronkholz, a growing feeling of the insufficiency of the "reality conveyed by painting" caused him to shift more and more to sculpture as the focus of his interest: sculpture as a placement rather than a depiction of reality. To track down the concept of factual reality was his aim, in a time when we seem to have lost control over a world consisting primarily of a collage of images. Sculpture for Ronkholz is "the key to come close to these fundamental propositions," as sculpture is not easily translated into, barely able to be communicated through, the media of information. Only in a face-to-face situation does sculpture let itself be experienced - directly and without any filter. "Sculpture is not a reproduction of anything, but creation ... Against the multiplication of images, the total reproducibility of the world, sculpture sets this act of creation" ...
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Ingo Ronkholz